Specialty & Permanent Leasing

Specialty Leasing available at the Pen Centre

Specialty/Short Term Leasing

Specialty Leasing at the Pen offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to start a small business, expand or promote an existing business or to test the waters before investing in a permanent location.

We strive to promote new and different goods and services that do not conflict but compliment our in-line retailers.

Some of the types of Specialty/Short Term Leasing opportunities include:

  • Pop up stores
  • Christmas kiosks
  • Vehicle displays throughout the mall

Please see information regarding Vehicle Display Regulations. For opportunities listed below. Please complete our Pen Centre Specialty Leasing Application.

The Pen Centre Specialty Leasing Program is managed by Daniela Vicino, Specialty Leasing Manager. All requests for leasing information should be directed to Daniela by email daniela.vicino@cushwake.com

Design Criteria 

Please see information on Design Criteria for leasing at the Pen Centre. 

Permanent Leasing

If you are looking for a permanent location within Pen Centre, kindly contact our Senior Director of Leasing:

Jelena Pukli
Senior Director of Leasing
Email: jelena.pukli@cushwake.com

Cart Wheels

Kiosk Booths at the Pen Centre

The Pen Centre Cart Program is operated by the third party contractor - Cart Wheels International Inc. All requests for cart information should be directed to Erin Rennie at Cart Wheels International by visiting their web site at www.cartwheelsinternational.com.