Since 1958 the Pen Centre has been proud to support local registered charities and not-for-profit organizations through donations, event partnerships and in-kind sponsorships. 

Each year The Pen Centre receives hundreds of donation requests.  In order to ensure that we are helping as many organizations as possible, all requests are reviewed on an individual basis and charities/not-for-profit organizations that have not benefited from us in the past may be given preference over ones who have.

All donation requests must be made in writing and submitted for consideration at least 1 month prior to your event.  Requests must include the following:

  • Outline of your event
  • Date & location of your event
  • Contact information
  • Charity/Not-for-Profit Registered Number

Due to Pen Centre donation guidelines, we are unable to donate to:

  • Graduation parties
  • Wedding showers/ Stag and Doe
  • Birthday's
  • Anniversaries
  • Fundraiser programs for specific individuals (i.e. fundraising to participate in an event or travel abroad)
  • Political/Religious organizations 
  • Pen Centre will not solicit mall tenants for donations on behalf of a group or organization

Please send donation requests to:

Helen Edwards

Marketing Director